Trae immigrated to the United States over three years ago from the Caribbean island of Jamaica to pursue a better education, and to later attend a top University of choice. He has always found a deep interest in the field of Medical research, but has also found a great passion in writing and filming. When he is not interning at STP-UP or attending school, Trae chooses to spend his leisure time filming videos for YouTube and working on his never-ending love that he hopes to become a #1 New York Times Best Seller.
Among other things, Trae also enjoys swimming at the local community pool as a way to maintain his asthma, but also as an escape from the busy world around him. Trae hopes to combine his interests in a double major Biochemistry and English Language with a concentration in Creative Writing, while considering a minor in Cinematography.
Over the course of the STEP-UP Research Internship, he has brown to have a greater appreciation for the highly-detailed working habits necessary to complete a proper research project, and has been no less than reassured of his love for molecular Biology and understanding the intricate systems that combine to create homeostasis within the body. After returning to school in the fall, Trae plans ton finishing of the school year strongly and going on to the University of California, Los Angeles to follow the course he has mapped out for himself.

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