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STEP-UP Student Receives $40K Edison Scholars Award

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What High Schoolers Say about STEP-UP

What is STEP UP?

STEP UP is a great opportunity for students interested in medical research or medicine.

How Does STEP UP Work?

Receive 8 to 12-weeks of full-time research experience.
Receive a summer research stipend.

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  • H.S. Students: If you’d like to connect with others and share your experiences, join our forum.
  • Undergrad Students: Join our forum for undergrads to share ideas about your future career.
  • ALUMNI: If you’re an alumni of the program, share your current career experiences.
  • Mentors:Connect with other mentors through our forum to share ideas and experiences.


Eligibility Requirements

Read the eligibility requirements carefully, as they may differ from other NIH funded programs.

Application Process and Deadlines

Learn about the application process and deadlines prior to applying.

What To Expect

Learn what you can expect if you are accepted into the program.

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